I started to think Resilience project based on the concern to work with the constant feeling of insecurity that we, Mexican women, experience all the time. Every morning I read the news about femicide, kidnapping and rape of women who are victims of the state of insecurity in which we live. I still wanted to think that there is something that we can do to defend our physical and moral integrity and try to lead to change. And I think the only way is to speak about it, the only way is to expose the broken voice. Not letting the voice become echo: to denounce.

91% of cases of sexual violence are not reported in Mexico. The other 9% are my heroines. These are the women who decide to take pain as a weapon, who make a pact of freedom and love with themselves, and without knowing it, with all the Mexican women of today and tomorrow. 

The intention of this project is to thank those brave women, pay tribute to their courage, their grittiness, their feminine strength and their unconditional love that seeks to be free. To all of you, thank you.


Ana Paula Santana






Ruptura de vasijas 


En la segunda etapa trabajé con seis mujeres que fueron víctimas de violación sexual y ejercieron una denuncia; estas seis mujeres rompieron cada quien una vasija. Este segundo momento del proyecto se interesa por el trabajo psicológico y la toma de acción de las mujeres ante su realidad inmediata, por ello, previo a la ruptura de las vasijas realizamos en el Centro de Justicia para la Mujer Jalisco un taller donde reflexionamos alrededor de ejemplos de resiliencia en el arte, así como la enseñanza del  Wabi-sabi: filosofía japonesa que busca la belleza en la imperfección. El acto de ruptura de la pieza cerámica en este proyecto no intenta simbolizar un acto violento de venganza o rencor, al contrario, es un acto de aceptación con el cual se representa la carga y el sufrimiento que una mujer violentada sexualmente lleva consigo. La ruptura es el momento de denuncia, de liberación: el comienzo de la resiliencia.

II - RUPTURE - In the second stage I worked with six women who were victims of rape and had the courage to make a denouncement; this work was done in collaboration with the Justice Center for Women Jalisco. This second moment of the project is interested in the psychological work and the action taking of the women in their immediate reality. The act of rupture symbolizes the moment of denunciation, of liberation: the beginning of resilience.



III - RESILIENCE - In this third stage the vessels were rebuilt using the Japanese technique Kintsugi. A golden amendment of empowerment and courage that symbolizes a form of peaceful resistance through aesthetic and reflexion. The vessels are restored and a micro sound system is introduced inside the piece, combining the traditional technique of Kintsugi with new materials to achieve a total conductivity between the scars and the system, between form and content. The microsystem is activated when the listener closes his hands within five centimeters of the piece, which reproduces the sound of its own rupture.












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